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simulariatools 2.5.1

  • Removed Unicode symbols (on CRAN request).
  • Explicitly add x and y scales limits to contourPlot2.
  • Updated deprecated functions from scales package.
  • Bugfix: avoid Inf duplication in contourPlot2 legend.
  • Documentation: spell check and improvements.

simulariatools 2.5.0

CRAN release: 2023-06-21

  • Dependency from other packages has been reviewed. RColorBrewer, dplyr and png are not required any more.
  • raster becomes suggested, since it is only required by the deprecated contourPlot() function. Geo processing is now performed by the required terra package.
  • Openair is now a suggested package.
  • Bugs were fixed in the Pasquill stability class functions stabilityClass() and plotStabilityClass(). Furthermore, some working examples have been added.
  • In contourPlot2(), deprecation of stat(level) and size of ggplot2() have been fixed.
  • Improved documentation and README file.

simulariatools 2.4.0

CRAN release: 2021-11-29

  • The package is ready to be submitted to CRAN.
  • Fixed many syntax errors, cleaned up code to try to comply with best practices.
  • Fixed warnings in the documentation and added some working examples in some functions.
  • Added some tests.
  • Added a sample dataset stMeteo with hourly values of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, global radiation, total cloud cover and stability class.
  • Renamed NEWS to
  • Updated README file.

simulariatools 2.3.1

  • Trying to fix issues with fonts in contourPlot2().
  • Updated readme file and fixed some minor issues in the documentation.

simulariatools 2.3.0

  • BREAKING CHANGE: in raster plots in contourPlot2 (tile = TRUE) intervals are closed on the left and open on the right. In previous versions it was the opposite. In this way an interval 0 - 1 does include values equal to 0 and does not include values equals to 1.

simulariatools 2.2.3

  • magick package is now suggested (not required). If it is not installed, it will not be possible to read (and plot) background base maps in contourPlot2.
  • In contourPlot2 do not add Inf as upper limit in levels in the case of delta maps, when the first level is negative. Note that this will probably change the output of some scripts.
  • Vector field lengths are not normalised any more and changed default scale factor. This modification aims to facilitate comparison of vector fields from different source files.
  • Updated readme and added a brief example.

simulariatools 2.2.2

  • Fixed labels of contourPlot2 which occasionally were not properly formatted.

simulariatools 2.2.1

  • Minor update in the documentation.

simulariatools 2.2.0

  • Added boolean option tile to plot tiles instead of contours.

simulariatools 2.1.1

simulariatools 2.1.0

  • Breaking changes:
    • vectorField() has now a unique parameter for scaling vector length;
    • Length of the arrow head in vectorField() has been removed in exchange for a sensible default;
  • Bug fixes.

simulariatools 2.0.0


  • New contourPlot2() function:

  • Based on ggplot2 v3.3.0 and geom_contour_filled function;

  • Colour bands are not overlapped any more therefore the maps are more accurate;

  • Legend labels are more informative and smarter (you can also use +/- Inf for upper and lower bound);

  • Legend type for contour lines (no filling) is now a line;

  • Added possibility to specify column names to the data;

  • Axis labels are rounded to 0 decimals (they are in metres);

  • Background image can be any format (jpeg, png, etc.);

  • Almost entirely a substitute of contourPlot().

  • New downloadBasemap() function to download base map from the Italian National Geoportal.


  • vectorField has better defaults for vector lengths.
  • Changed position of legend in plotAvgRad().
  • The package is now compliant with R cmd check (CRAN).
  • Many other minor bug fixes and checks.

simulariatools 1.4.0

  • Introduced function vectorField to plot meteorological vector field.

simulariatools 1.3.1

  • Function importADSOBIN is now compatible with arinfopy version 2.3.2.

simulariatools 1.3.0

  • Function contourPlot accepts a size parameter for contour line thickness.
  • Function contourPlot accepts a cover boolean parameter to specify if contours should be colour covered or not.
  • Bug fix in plotAvgRad.

simulariatools 1.2.1

  • Function contourPlot accepts a bare boolean parameter to remove any graphical element of the plot (axis, titles, legend, …).

simulariatools 1.2.0

  • Function contourPlot accepts a smoothness parameter to improve the horizontal resolution of the dataset (smaller cells) by the given (integer) factor. The new raster object to be plotted is obtained by bilinear interpolation.

simulariatools 1.1.0

  • New importADSOBIN function to read ADSO/BIN files.
  • plotStabilityClass uses seasons instead of quarters.
  • plotAvgTemp correctly manages time zones.
  • Option verbose ofimportRasterset toFALSEby default (it wasTRUE`).
  • Option fname of importRaster renamed to file and set to file.chooser by default.
  • Documentation improvement.

simulariatools 1.0.7

  • plotStabilityClass:
    • Correct order in color bars from ‘A’ to ‘F’.

simulariatools 1.0.6

  • contourPlot:
    • Fixed bug when lowest level to plot is negative, as in delta maps;
    • Fixed bug when there is an overlay to plot.

simulariatools 1.0.5

  • Borders in contour plots have width set to 0px by default.

simulariatools 1.0.4

  • Improved treatment of borders in contourPlot.

simulariatools 1.0.3

  • Fixed bug when extending domain to close contour lines.

simulariatools 1.0.2

  • Fixed bug in user defined colors for contourPlot.

simulariatools 1.0.1

  • New colors parameter to contourPlot for user defined color palette.

simulariatools 1.0

  • New geom_hollow_polygon and stat_hollow_contour to correctly plot hollows in filled contour plots.

simulariatools 0.6.5

  • Add verbose option in importRaster.
  • Add option kz in importRaster to multiply z values.

simulariatools 0.6.4

  • Added transparency level in contourPlot input.

simulariatools 0.6.3

  • contourPlot is able to correctly plot negative values. Improved management of borders. Bug fixes.

simulariatools 0.6.2

  • Vertical shift of the labels in the contourPlot legend.

simulariatools 0.6.1

  • Fixed library dependence for plotAvgTemp.
  • Added stMeteo dataset for testing.

simulariatools 0.6

  • New contourPlot function to plot contour levels diagrams of pollutant concentration.
  • Code cleaning

simulariatools 0.5.3

  • Bug fixes

simulariatools 0.5.2

  • Bug fixes

simulariatools 0.5.1

  • in importRaster added the possibility to shift X and/or Y coordinates by dX/dY.

simulariatools 0.5

  • Added createBaseMap function to create base maps for contour plots. It currently works only with png files.
  • Bug fix in destaggering of raster files. destaggering is now default to FALSE.
  • default fonts changed from Helvetica to Arial to avoid problems on windows machines.

simulariatools 0.4.1

  • Bug fix in destaggering of raster files.

simulariatools 0.4

  • New importRaster() function to read all gdal supported raster files.

simulariatools 0.3.1

  • Patched importSurferGrd.R to read GRD files generated by CALPUFF/CALPOST.

simulariatools 0.3

  • Added optional title parameter in plotAvgTemp.
  • In plotAvgTemp, plots table of plotted values below the graph.
  • Bug fixes in plotAvgRad

simulariatools 0.2.1

  • stabilityClass() has three methods to compute stability class: impact, as in ARIA Impact, pasquill (standard classification) and custom.
  • plotStabClass() function has been renamed to plotStabilityClass().
  • It is now possible to select the name of the column with stability class values in plotStabilityClass().
  • Destaggering of grid fields is applied by default in importSurferGrd().
  • A little bit of clean-up in the documentation.