Atmospheric modelling services

Highly specialised solutions to assess the impact of emissions in the atmosphere and to evaluate alternative scenarios, mitigation and compensation requirements

Our areas of activity

A factory with chimney.

Air quality and climate

We support environmental impact assessment by using state of the art technology to simulate the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere. Our modelling services provide accurate and reliable solutions to help our customers to take informed decisions about atmospheric impact.

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A nose smelling bad odours.

Assessment of odour impact

We provide estimates of odour emissions and perform numerical simulations of the impact of industrial plants, waste treatment facilities, and other critical establishments.
We work in strict relationship with our customers to understand their requests and provide ad hoc solutions.

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A computer

Software for the atmosphere

We are specialised in offering advanced software solutions for the analysis and visualisation of environmental and atmospheric data.
Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer customised software solutions to satisfy the specific needs of every customer.

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Continuous innovation

Our passion for research manifests itself by actively participating to R&D projects, pursuing our target of continuous innovation.

Logo of the SAPERI project

Progetto SAPERI

Accelerated simulations of accidental releases in the atmosphere on heterogeneous platforms: realisation of a fast and friendly tool to analyse atmospheric pollutants releases and forecast fall-outs during industrial incidents.

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Logo of the BIG-IoT project

Progetto BIG-IoT

Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the IoT: as end-users we developed applications to access air quality data from high resolution numerical simulations WANDA.

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Logo of the ELISE project

Progetto ELISE

A complex system of atmospheric models to forecast airborne pollution in urban areas in near real time.

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Logo of the HPC-CloudPills project

Progetto HPC-CloudPills

Technologies to design and build IT products of high performance computing in the cloud.

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