Odour impact assessment

We provide odour impact studies, from the odour emission estimate to the numerical simulation at the most exposed sensitive receptors, by identifying the most relevant sources and simulating the efficiency of odour abatement techniques.

Our studies have been applied in many different situations, following the most recent guidelines, such as solid waste treatment and composting facilities, biogas and biomethane production, wastewater treatment plants.

Planimetry of a plant for the production of renewable energy fueled by biogas.

Odour dispersion in the atmosphere

Numerical simulations of the transport and dispersion of odours emitted by stacks or fugitive sources, active or passive area and volume sources, by means of puff, lagrangian or gaussian models, in simple contexts.

Orthophoto with contour lines of odour impact of an area source, expressed in ou/m^3.

Odour impact assessment

From the estimate of emission sources, on the basis of on field measurements or data from the literature, to the assessment of peak olfactory disturbance at sensitive receptors according to the most recent guide lines.