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AirVeg 0.10.1

  • nc_ functions support files from the MERIDA dataset.
  • Add documentation site.
  • Update authors. Add ENEA and Simularia as project funders.
  • Fix examples in aot40f() and aot40v() and other functions. Also formulas are now correctly rendered.
  • Add introductory vignette by splitting the readme file.
  • Rename CHANGELOG to NEWS.

AirVeg 0.9.0

  • New function windDir() to compute wind direction from its components.
  • It is now possible to read data from CF NetCDF files with only two dimensions.
  • Bugfix in check_aggregation_validity.
  • Bugfix in nc_summary() for CF files, where coordinates where not properly sorted.
  • nc_summary() understand latitude, longitude, easting and northing as dimension names.
  • nc_get_variable() (CF convention) now correctly manages the scale_factor and add_offset attributes for variables.
  • 2D Latitude, Longitude, Coordinate Variables are not correctly read by nc_ functions. nc_get_variables() now returns a simple sequence of indeces. The 2D coordinate variables can be read as fields themselves.

AirVeg 0.8.1

  • Fixed compatibility with latest terra package versions. terra minimum version 1.6-7 is required.
  • Fixed syntax errors in the documentation.

AirVeg 0.8.0

AirVeg 0.7.2

AirVeg 0.7.1

AirVeg 0.7.0

  • BREAKING CHANGE: updated check_validity(): removed verbosity argument; not valid values are substituted with NA’s.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: updated check_aggregration_validity().
  • BREAKING CHANGE: updated season() utility function.
  • New function runningEightHoursMean().
  • New function computeMode() to compute the mode of a data set.
  • import_data_brace() now supports a timebegin boolean flag to time shift concentrations from time-begin to time-end as it is the case for dispersion model data.
  • DEPRECATED: Given the evolution and the typical usage of AirVeg the functions timeAggregation() and timeAggregation_single() are now deprecated and not maintained anymore, in favour of base functions to be applied on data.frame columns.

AirVeg 0.6.0

  • Added aot40v and aot40f.
  • Updated README file.

AirVeg 0.5.2

  • Updated this changelog.

AirVeg 0.5.1

  • New function nc_get_CRS() to get crs of a netcdf file (it currently does not work with CF).
  • Fixed some bugs in nc_extract().
  • Check for duplicates in arpa_meteo_stations().

AirVeg 0.5.0

  • BREAKING: Updated projectCoordinates argument names.
  • Greatly improved compatibility with IO/API files (CMAQ).
  • nc_summary() for CMAQ files prints more information.
  • Removed dependency from rgdal and raster in favour of terra.
  • Updated readme file.
  • Fixed many syntax errors in documentation.
  • Introduced some automatic testing.

AirVeg 0.4.2

  • Updated documentation and readme file, citing Veg-Gap project.
  • Updated license to GPL-v3 to facilitate sharing improvements.

AirVeg 0.4.1

AirVeg 0.4.0

  • BREAKING: countCompleteCouples renamed to countComplete.
  • BREAKING: unc renamed to unc_year.
  • BREAKING: Changed some argument names in stat functions to improve overall consistency.
  • BREAKING: Modified the arguments of boxPlot for improved clarity and consistency.
  • BREAKING: Bugfixes and arguments update of buglePlot.
  • BREAKING: Removed Boylan formulation from mfe and mfb.
  • BREAKING: Changed some arguments in timeAggregation for improved clarity and overall consistency.
  • Bugfixes in timeAggregation.
  • Fixed bug in mqi.
  • Improved README documentation. Also added a validation example.
  • Various minor bugfixes and code cleanup.
  • Many updates to documentation and some spell checking.

AirVeg 0.3.2

  • Fixed bug in deadline decoding for non-CF NetCDF archives.
  • Cleaned up code in nc_ functions. Getting NetCDF dimensions and variables is now more reliable with many different formats.
  • Updated README file.

AirVeg 0.3.1

  • Fixed bug in nc_summary for some types of NetCDF files.
  • Fixed bug in nc_get_variable with some older NetCDF-3 COARDS files. Closes #16.

AirVeg 0.3.0

  • Parallelization of nc_get_variable.
  • Added maxRunningValue to compute the maximum number consecutive entries above, equal or lower than a given threshold.
  • rmse and bias accept use optional argument (not na.rm anymore). Closes #29.
  • nc_extract is now partly parallelized.
  • Fixed bug in nc_extract not merging model data with observations.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.

AirVeg 0.2.6

  • Added a brief description of exported functions.
  • Fixed bug #37 in import_EEA: pollutant argument is mandatory in order to merge stations with observations.
  • Fixed bug #33 in projectCoordinates
  • Removed verbose argument in import_data_EEA.
  • Fixed bugs in filtering stations in import_metadata_EEA.
  • Added wrapper to contourPlot2() from simulariatools.
  • Updated readme file and documentation.

AirVeg 0.2.5

AirVeg 0.2.4

  • Starting this CHANGELOG.
  • nc_get_variable() accepts files, folders and list of files as input. It also accepts a single or a list of NetCDF objects as read by
  • The value column in the data.table returned by nc_get_variable is now named after the variable input argument.
  • nc_extract() autmoatically merges model data and observations if the name of the column with observations is provided through the st.value argument.
  • Various bugfixes.