The staff

Portrait of Rossella Prandi

Rossella Prandi

Co-founder of Simularia in 2010, she holds a degree in Physics from the University of Torino. In 1999, she obtained her PhD in the same University, mainly dealing with the numerical simulation of plasmas, with fluid dynamic approach. She then worked for three years at University College of London, teaching at the local Mathematics Departments beside her research activity. Since 2002 she is environmental consultant, specialized in the atmospheric pollution issues.
Portrait of Giuseppe Carlino

Giuseppe Carlino

Co-founder of Simularia in 2010, he graduated in Physics at University of Torino. In 2000 he obtained his PhD at University of Genova. He worked at Swansea University (UK) for two years, dealing with theoretical physics. In 2002 he started working at the Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Research Center of Pininfarina (Wind Tunnel), mainly on the simulation of turbulent conditions in the wind tunnel and on the industrial development of anemometric techniques. From 2007 to 2009 he also took charge of the technical and commercial management of the Center.
Portrait of Bianca Tenti

Bianca Tenti

She has gained expertise and knowledge in the fundamental dynamical and chemical processes governing the atmosphere during her Master Degree in Physics of the Earth System from the University of Bologna. In 2022 she has started a PhD, joining the international and interdisciplinary 'Sustainable Development and Cooperation' program offered by the University of Torino. Under the supervision of Prof. E. Ferrero her main research topic is the numerical simulation of forest fires, partly carried out at Simularia premises.